We advise our clients regarding all the necessary procedures to carry out any real estate transaction legally and safely.

Among all the necessary acts, there are:

  • File opening.
  • Verification of the legal, administrative and urban status of the property to ensure the purchase.
  • Preparation of purchase commitments (purchase agreements, etc.).
  • Obtaining necessary documents for the buyer and for the seller.
  • Retention of the necessary amounts for the liquidation of possible debts before the purchase.
  • Retention of the necessary amounts for the liquidation of taxes of the sellers.
  • Preparation of the act of purchase, and verification of the documents, delivered by the seller, the day of signing at the Notary.
  • Assistance or representation at the Notary.
  • Registration in the Land Registry.
  • Registration of the buyer in the Cadastre and the City Council, as well as municipal taxes.
  • Change of ownership.
  • Domiciliation of taxes.

For all foreigners, it is necessary to start the previous procedures with those of Immigration Law:

Abogados Extranjería en Alicante