What is the residence for job search?

It is a residence permit for 12 months. This residence allows you to live in Spain, but DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO WORK.

It is an intermediate step between a previous student visa and a subsequent residence to work.


– Easy change of student visa to a residence to live in Spain.

– Very quick response from the Administration: resolution in 20 days.

– This 12-month residence counts for Spanish nationality, that means, the time this residence lasts counts for the years that must pass before you can apply for nationality.

– Even if your studies last less than 3 years, you will be able to apply for this job search residency. In the past, this was not possible, since it was mandatory to wait 3 years studying to be able to apply for a residency.

– You can start processing this residency while already in Spain. In other words, you do not need to return to your country of origin to apply for residence because you do not need a visa to apply for it.

– Family members can accompany the student when they have already accompanied him during his study stay in Spain.


1.- Have had authorization to stay for studies and have completed studies in Spain:

– University degree, master’s degree, or doctorate.

– Prove that you have passed the studies.

– It must be a center endorsed by the Government: https://www.educacion.gob.es/ruct/consultauniversidades

2.- You must have sufficient economic means to support yourself during the 12 months that the job search residency lasts: 100% monthly IPREM.

3.- You must have full private medical insurance.


Residence must begin within 60 days prior to the expiration of the student visa, or 90 days after its expiration.

It can be requested while in Spain and must be done electronically. The Administration must respond within a period of 20 days, silence being positive.

Documents to make the request:

– Form EX01.

– Rate Model 790 code 052

– Economy ways.

– Full medical insurance.

– Criminal record.

– Original and photocopy of the passport.

– Accreditation overcoming studies.

Change to work permit:

Once you already have the job search residence and you already have a job offer, you can change your residence. It is not necessary to exhaust the entire period of time of the job search residency.

You must meet the requirements of the work residence that you are going to request.

If you change to an employment residence:

– If you change before the 12 months run out, you will be subject to the shortage list.

– If you change at the end of the 12-month period, you will not be subject to the shortage list.

– It must be your employer who must apply for your work residency in Immigration.

– The contract that they offer you must be for a position according to your academic preparation.

In addition to the work residences, you can also change to a residence for professional practices, or return to the student situation.

You cannot move to a non-profit residency (residencia no lucrativa).


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