N.I.E. (Foreign Identification Number)

What is the N.I.E.?

The N.I.E. It is a number that is assigned to a foreigner (EU or non-EU), who wants to stay and live in Spain or who wants to carry out any procedure (open a bank account, rent an apartment, buy a property, study, etc.).

  • If you are non-EU:

Once you have your residence approved, you can go get your N.I.E.

A foreigner in an irregular situation cannot obtain the N.I.E., since the police can file an expulsion order.

  • If you are from EU:

You must obtain your Certificate of Citizen of the European Union (C.U.E.). in which is the N.I.E. incorporated.


To start processing the N.I.E. you must make an appointment online with the Police. This is the link to request an appointment: https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/icpplus/index.html

You must go in person and with all the necessary documents.

Once they give you the number on a provisional sheet, you will be able to carry out any procedure in Spain.

Documents to obtain the N.I.E.:
  • Form EX15 (2 copies).
  • Written explaining the reasons why you want to obtain the N.I.E.
  • These reasons can be:

o Due to economic interest.

o For professional interest.

o For social interest.

  • Passport, or Identity Document (+ 1 photocopy).
  • Have paid the fee 790 012.
  • Proof of the appointment.
  • (In some communities they also ask for the registration certificate, empadronamiento).

S.I.P. (Population Information System)

What is the S.I.P.?

The S.I.P. is a number, which is assigned to each person who requests it, to belong to the information system of the Spanish Health Administration.

That number appears on the S.I.P. card and allows you to access the Spanish public health system.

It is possible to have a S.I.P. card without health coverage, or with health coverage:


– Any foreigner with or without legal residence in Spain.

– It will only serve you to get vaccinated against COVID-19, or to be treated in case of symptoms of COVID-19.


– Any foreigner with a job and legal residence in Spain.

– Any foreign pensioner

Documents to request the S.I.P. card:

• N.I.E.

• Certificate of residence or C.U.E.

• Registration (empadronamiento) with N.I.E. number. (If you have registered with the passport number, you must change it to the N.I.E.).

• Your birth certificate (duly apostilled and with a sworn translation).

• And one of these documents:

o If you have a job: Certificate of Labor Life.

o If you are a pensioner: Proof of pensions.

o If you are a beneficiary: Marriage certificate duly translated and apostilled or certificate that demonstrates the family relationship with the one who have Spanish health care.

The S1 Form is for EU citizens who want to maintain their healthcare in another EU country. It is requested in the country where you are insured.


If you do not have a job and you are under 26 years, you can be a beneficiary of your parents or your partner, as long as they do have the requirements.

Minors born in Spain: automatically acquire the residence of their parents. They can ask for S.I.P. and N.I.E.

  • Minors not born in Spain:

– They must wait a minimum of 2 years in an irregular situation to apply for a residency.

– They cannot have N.I.E. nor S.I.P. with health coverage.


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