What is long-term residence?

Before it was called permanent residence. This residency allows you to live and work in Spain indefinitely. It can be obtained after having lived in Spain legally and continuously for 5 years.

In other words, at the time you get your first residence permit for one or two years, and renew it until you have 5 years in Spain in a legal and continuous manner, you can already apply for long-term residence.

Once your long-term permit is authorised, you are already guaranteed the right to live and work in Spain forever.

The physical card (T.I.E.) must be renewed 5 years after obtaining it, but that does not mean that your right to live and work in Spain expires, that right never expires.

Advantages of long-term authorization:

– Live and work in Spain as an employee or self-employed, and be able to change without doing any extra paperwork.

– Regroup your ancestors, if they are over 65 years old.

– It is not necessary to demonstrate sufficient economic means.

– Even if your card expires because you leave Spain for more than 1 year, it can be recovered (from your country of origin or from Spain), because once it is given to you, you already have the guaranteed right to live and work in Spain forever.

What requirements are necessary to apply?

– No criminal record.

– Have lived in Spain for 5 years, legally and continuously. Without having left the country for more than 10 months during the 5 years, without being more than 6 months in a row.

– Be a legal citizen at the time of the application, that is, the temporary permit you have at the time of processing the long-term application has not expired.

The documents required for the authorization request are:

– Criminal record.

– Valid passport or a certification issued by the Consulate of the country, stating that the processing of the passport has been requested in a timely manner.

– Valid temporary residence card.

– Form EX 11.

How long does the authorization take?

Since the file is sent, the administration has a legal period of 3 months to resolve. If you do not do so within that period, it is understood that the request is authorized (positive silence).

How to renew the long-term card?

As we have explained before, only the physical T.I.E. But the right to live and work permanently in Spain never expires.

To renew the physical card, you must request an appointment at the police station more from the website: https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/icpplus/index.html

What requirements are necessary to renew?

– It cannot be renewed if it is still in force, only when it has expired.

– Nor can it be renewed if you have been outside of Spain for more than 12 months in the 5 years of long-term authorization.

– No criminal record.

On the day of the appointment at the police station, you must provide:

– The EX17 model.

– TIE card expired, original and photocopy.

– The registration.

– The rate 790 012 paid.

– Passport, photocopy and original.

– (Certificate of updated criminal record.)

– 3 ID photos.

The month after submitting the renewal, you must return to the police station to pick up the new T.I.E. long-term, which is valid for another 5 years. If you want to leave Spain in the period of time that you are waiting for the new T.I.E., you must request a return authorization.

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