It is an authorization requested by foreigners from their country of origin that authorizes them to reside in Spain without carrying out work activity.


-. Not be a citizen of a State of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, or a family member of citizens of these countries to whom the Union citizen regime applies.

-. Not be irregularly in Spanish.

-. Lack of a criminal record in Spain and in their previous countries of residence for crimes existing in the Spanish legal system.

-. Not being baned from Spain.

-. Have the necessary financial means to cover the costs of stay and return and, where appropriate, those of their relatives, according to the following amounts:

  • For your support monthly 400% of the IPREM,
  • For the support of each of their relatives, 100% of the IPREM.

-. Have full health insurance in Spain.


-. Duplicate official residence visa application form, duly completed and signed.

-. Passport with a minimum validity of one year.

-. Criminal record certificate from the country of origin.

-. Documentation accrediting having economic means for the requested period.

-. Documentation proving that you have health insurance.

-. Medical certificate.


-. The foreigner, personally, at the Spanish diplomatic mission or consular office in whose demarcation the foreigner resides.

-. Fees: will accrue at the time the application is accepted for processing, and must be paid within ten business days, are:

  • Fees for visa issuance.
  • Fees for residence authorization: Model 790 code 052

-. The deadline for notification of the resolution is three months from the day following the date on which it was entered in the register for its processing. Once this period has elapsed without the Administration having given an express response, it may be understood that the request has been rejected due to administrative silence.

-. In the case of granting the residence visa, the foreigner has one month from the notification to pick it up personally. If you do not do so, it will be understood that you have renounced the granted visa, and the procedure will be archived.

-. Once the visa has been collected, the applicant must enter Spain within the validity period of the visa, which in no case shall exceed three months.

-. The initial temporary residence authorization will have a duration of one year and its validity will begin on the date of entry into Spain.

-. Within one month of entering Spain, the foreigner must personally apply for the foreigner identity card at the Immigration Office or Police Station in the province where the authorization was processed.

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