Who can apply?

This residence can be requested by foreign students who are studying, in Spain or outside of Spain:

– Higher level studies (university degree, master’s degree, or doctorate).

– Superior professional formation.

– Sports or artistic higher education.

In case of having already passed the studies, no more than 2 years must have elapsed since you finished it.


It can be requested already being in Spain or from the country of origin.

You must have a private and complete medical insurance, for at least

1 year.

You must have sufficient financial means: 100% monthly IPREM (€ 600).

The company in which you are going to do the internship must be up to date with the payment of taxes, and your boss must write a document detailing the functions of the position you are going to perform.

Upon obtaining this residence, you can change to non-lucrative residence.

Documents for the application:

– Form EX06.

– Fees 790 Code 052.

– Financial means.

– Full medical insurance.

– Criminal record.

– Original and photocopy of the passport.

– Proof of passing the studies or that you are taking them.

– Copy of the NIF of the company and copy of the deed of incorporation duly registered in the corresponding Registry.

– Public document that proves that the person signing the authorization request is the legal representative of the company.

– Copy of the NIF or NIE of the signer of the application or consent to verify the identity data through the Identity and Residence Data Verification System.

– Contract or internship agreement, signed by all parties.

– Proof that the company is up to date with taxes.

– Document signed by the worker committing to return to the country of origin once the employment relationship has ended.

The Administration must respond within 30 business days, silence being positive.


The residency lasts as long as the internship lasts, or a maximum of 12 months. The contracts or agreements can be renewed for another 12 months, so the residence would be extended for that time. In total, this residence can last up to 2 years.

In case of changing the contracting entity, you must start the procedures again and make a new request.

It can be processed with a work practice contract from a company or a self-employed person, or with a training practice agreement.

The conditions for this residence are very flexible, since it must not be a full-time job, and it can last between 6 months and 12 months.

The job must be in accordance with the studies carried out and the National Employment Status is not taken into account.

If it is through an internship or work agreement:

– You are not subject to the Workers’ Statute.

– The university regulates the situation between the company and the foreigner.

– You must not have finished your studies, you must continue to be enrolled at the university that is going to regulate the agreement.

– Maximum duration of 6 months, renewable.

If it is through an internship or work contract:

– It is carried out directly between the company and the foreigner.

– Subject to the Workers’ Statute (layoffs, unemployment, social security, etc.).

– Maximum duration of 1 year, renewable.

– You must have already finished your studies.

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